When we established Woodwark & Stevens 25 years ago, we committed ourselves to an atmosphere where our clients would feel comfortable. We want them to feel free to explain their problem and ask their questions without feeling pressured. We are also committed to maintaining the highest standards of legal knowledge so that we can give our clients the best advice possible.

Over the years, we have realized that we cannot maintain that level of expertise in every area of law. So now, there are areas where we will listen to our clients' concerns and refer them along to someone who is better able to provide the help that they need. We have narrowed our focus to areas where we feel that we are still able to provide an excellent quality of legal guidance.

In the area of real estate, our lengthy experience enables us to understand the complexity of rural land titles, as well as the dynamics of conveyancing. Most transactions close smoothly but, when a difficulty arises, we do have the experience to help our clients through those challenges. We are also able to advise on all of the intricacies of mortgage financing.

Although we originally provided assistance in all areas of litigation, we now focus upon family law, an area where many people need sympathetic support. In most situations, we can help the parties achieve practical solutions that enable them to settle quickly and fairly without unnecessary costs and aggravation. David Stevens has taken the settlement process to another level and has been offering family mediation for more than 10 years. However, there will always be cases where a firm approach is required and, in those cases, we are able and willing to pursue our clients' rights through the courts.

In the area of wills and estate planning it is, again, the application of years of experience that makes the difference. Drafting wills and powers of attorney that reflect our client's wishes is always very important, but the real challenge is to anticipate the developments that will occur in their lives. These potential, and sometimes unexpected, changes need to be raised so that our clients are able to make wise choices about their plans. This is where experience comes in. Then, later, when a death does occur, we can help the executor administer the estate in an efficient and compassionate manner.

In the business world, we have the background to assist small business people and professionals organize themselves as sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations. We have also had extensive involvement in the purchase and sale of small businesses, as well as re-financing arrangements. Katie Ireton and Peter Woodwark have developed particular expertise in the legal aspects of not-for-profit corporations and charitable organizations.

The heart of our firm has always been its staff. Our core employees have all been with us for more than 20 years and each of them is an expert in her own area. As well as the legal knowledge, however, all of our staff understands the importance of their work in the lives of our clients and is committed to helping them with sensitivity as well as competence. We all understand the importance of confidentiality in a small town setting.