Family and Child Protection Mediation

Mediation is a confidental, private process where a neutral person helps parties work out a solution to their dispute that is in their mutual best interests. David Stevens offers both comprehensive family mediation and child protection mediation.

In mediation, parties can choose to work out any or all of the issues between them. Mediation is not restricted to the issues of custody and access. Parties may also use the mediation process to settle child and spousal support, division of property and arrangements for the matrimonial home. Mediation can also be used to work out temporary arrangements for the short-term while the major issues are being settled. Parties may also use mediation to reach a settlement on a variation of an existing agreement.

As mediator, David Stevens helps the parties organize their negotations, keeps them on topic and focused on the issues rather than on personality conflicts between them. Although David Stevens is also a lawyer, he cannot provide legal advice to either party when acting as a mediator. Parties who mediate their settlement should consult a lawyer on legal issues that come up during mediation. Each party's lawyer will also provide independent legal advice once a mediated agreement is ready to be signed.

Mediation is a voluntary process and can be terminated or suspended at any time by either of the parties or by the mediator. Parties committing to mediation should be serious about the process and prepared to negotiate through the rough spots, as both parties will need to be flexible and prepared to move away from their starting positions.

David Stevens also offers child protection mediation services for families involved with local child protection agencies. In these circumstances, the issues will be referred to mediation by the Society. David Stevens works with each parent and the Society to find a satisfactory solution that will allow the children to return, or remain, in the family home.

Family Law

Woodwark Stevens Ireton offers family law services related to parenting, support and property issues surrounding separation and divorce for both common-law and married couples. We can also help you complete the adoption process or set up a marriage contract or cohabitation agreement.

Wills & Estates Law

Woodwark Stevens Ireton offers a variety of services related to wills and estates, including preparation of basic wills and powers of attorney, estate planning, and estate administration.

Woodwark Stevens Ireton recognize that estate planning is personal, emotional and, at times, complicated. We will work closely with your financial advisers and can offer assistance with inter-generational wealth transfer, and establishing an efficient and tax-effective estate plan.

Real Estate

Woodwark Stevens Ireton guides our clients through the purchase and sale of houses, condominiums and cottages. We represent our clients in the purchase and sale of property, assist them with their banks when obtaining mortgage financing, and interact with municipal and provincial authorities involved in the transfer of real estate on their behalf. Woodwark Stevens Ireton has a particular expertise in the purchase, sale and development of rural and recreational properties.

Corporate & Commercial Law

Woodwark Stevens Ireton's corporate law practice focuses on legal advice for small business owners in the Perth area.

We offer advice on appropriate legal structures, third-party agreements with franchisors, suppliers and customers, and can represent our clients in their transactions with lenders and shareholders. Woodwark Stevens Ireton also assists local businesses with the negotiation of the sale, purchase and financing of business and the protection of corporate assets.

Non-Profit & Charity Law

Katie Ireton and Peter Woodwark have developed particular expertise in non-profit and charity law. They offer advice on appropriate legal structures, corporate governance issues, including board governance, and amalgamation and dissolution of the corporation. In addition to legal advice specific to non-profit and charitable organizations, they also assist their non-profit and charitable organizations with discussions of risk management and on a range of issues these organizations have in common with small businesses.